Stanley Park Rowing Club


I work with Brides and Grooms to plan their wedding ceremony.  I don’t speak into catering, photographers, dj’s, limos, etc.  It’s not my wedding-it’s theirs.  But when it comes to the ceremony, I find myself deeply involved.

Beyond the actual details of the ceremony (ie. vows, rings, processional, recessional, public kiss etc) the biggest issue for me is “location”.  And within that, the issue is outdoors versus indoors?

I actually prefer outdoor weddings.  They are marvellous and Vancouver has so many sites that are just breathtaking.  But sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate.  We had it happen this past weekend.  The rehearsal for the Saturday wedding took place on Wednesday night and it was gorgeous.  The deck of the Stanley Park Rowing Club was PERFECT.  The view looking at the downtown skyline was inspiring.

But on Saturday, the rain was unbeatable.  There was no way we could have fought our way through it.  Interestingly, as I was arriving at Stanley Park, there was an outdoor wedding going on with literally 50 people standing with umbrellas.

I like a bride to have a “plan B”.   On Saturday morning this couple activated Plan B and we moved inside the Rowing Club.  Was it perfect?  Yes it was!  Could it have been more perfect?  No, it couldn’t.  Okay, maybe if it hadn’t been raining outside but we couldn’t control that.  I think we accomplished something very beautiful for the couple given the options we had.

If you are planning a wedding, remember–it’s your wedding.  You get to choose where you want to be married.  If it’s outdoors (and I hope it is), don’t feel like you are cheating if you also have a “Plan B” in your hip pocket.