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Planning your ceremony

Where will you be married?  (not when, that’s the second question!).


  • Indoors?
  • Outside?
  • In a park?
  • Near the ocean?
  • In a backyard?
  • In a church?
  • At the reception place?

There are a ton of wonderful locations, places and spots to be married in the Lower Mainland.

Let your imagination go on this one - it’s your wedding day.  Remember though, some churches/locations require permits before you can use them.  If you do plan an outdoors wedding, what is plan “B” if weather interferes?  Consult a friend to gain some experience from their experience.


When will you be married?

Not just the day, but the time of the day.  The majority of couples marry on a Saturday afternoon.  But do you want early afternoon?  or late afternoon?  Do you want to allow time for photos?  or transitions?

Some couples are going to a Friday night wedding. Some are even opting for a Sunday afternoon wedding.

Some couples are doing a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony for specific guests with a larger, public reception later.

It’s your wedding, so feel free to plan as you choose.

Relax! You're in very capable hands