Frequently Asked Questions

Vancouver Wedding Ceremonies
Phone: 778-855-9063
1. What do we need to do in order to be married by you?
You’ll need to contact me and we can meet briefly to see if we are a good fit for each other.  At that time we’ll look at dates and times.  A $200 deposit will be required at that time to “save the date”.  Final payment must be made 30 days before the ceremony.
2. What paperwork is required?
You’ll need to obtain a license before the wedding day.  Check out the gov’t website at  I will take care of the paperwork after the wedding but I cannot obtain your license for you.  You must do it yourself.
3. Do you do religious weddings? Do you do non-religious weddings?
 I can do either.  I address your needs as required.  Let’s meet beforehand to see if it’s a good match for all.
4. Can we be creative in our ceremony?
 Absolutely.  I encourage it.
5. What about children, can we include them in the ceremony?
 Yes you can!
6. Do we need a rehearsal?
I think you do.  It takes the stress out of what is intended to be a beautiful experience. 
7. How about photographers? Video recording? Musicians?
I have worked with all kinds of people and look forward to meeting yours.  I arrive early to be sure we collaborate with each other.  Their part is special to the capturing of the day for the future memories.
8. Do you co-officiate with other wedding officiants?
Sometimes a couple will have a favourite friend or relative who they’d like to have participate in the ceremony, I think I can work with that.  Let’s talk.
9. We are being married in Mexico—California—Hawaii—or... Will you travel to be our wedding officiant?
I’d love to say yes, but I have to say “no”. Unfortunately, my license is only for British Columbia.  However, if you are being married in a destination spot—could I offer some advice?  I would highly recommend that you engage me (or someone like me) for a quiet, civil ceremony here in Canada before you go.  The complexities and legalities of destination weddings do make it more work than you first imagined.  Then go and have a marvelous public ceremony at your destination of choice.
10. What’s been the craziest wedding you have ever been part of?
Ask me that question when we meet, okay?

Relax! You're in very capable hands